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“Perfect music for your perfect event” -Sabrina F.

Weddings should be magical! It doesn’t matter if you are planning an intimate gathering of friends or a royal-sized wedding, you want that special to be memorable and beautiful.

Let Harmony Texas assist you in planning your special event or wedding. We can create the event atmosphere you desire. The exceptionally versatile flute can be alluring and sweet, hauntingly beautiful, mischievous or ethereal. We will tailor the perfect score for your event and even custom arrange music to suit your needs.

“The music was amazing and flawlessly captured the scene I wanted to set. We were in Heaven and so were our guests.” – Chloe & Christian A.

The flute is the perfect instrument for any venue. Many church halls, with their high ceilings and echoing acoustics, present a challenge for vocalists or large ensembles. Yet, the sound of a flute in that same hall is a heavenly experience. It is also one of the few instruments that rarely requires amplification in an outdoor venue.

I couldn’t imagine the event being so memorable with anyone else. – Ann S

The Texas Harmony flautists, Jennifer and Audra, have each performed professionally for over two decades. In addition to being professional music educators, both women have performed for presidents, governors, and foreign dignitaries. The talented two regularly perform as soloists, members of the fiesta flute choir and in various wind ensembles across the state. Jennifer and Audra both hold degrees in music education.

Book Texas Harmony for cocktail receptions, holiday parties, corporate dinners, themed evenings, memorials and family celebrations. We typically book March through July fast, but we still have a few dates left! We offer a free consultation by phone: (210) 802-5828.